sammy terry


New Legacy                                                                     

For many years, fans of Nightmare Theatre have patiently waited for a return of Indiana's most horrifying host, Sammy Terry. 2011 will mark this long awaited return. Although the televised program ended in 1989, Sammy's popularity has increased as October specials continued to air and record crowds gather to experience the "tingle of terror" that is amplified through this emanating character.

The talented Producers of Asylum House Productions LLC have teamed with Packinghouse Films of Bloomington, IN to re-establish Sammy Terry's most recognizable aesthetic with a more modern accent. Seasonal specials, direct to DVD episodes teamed with classic box sets, feature length films and new merchandise are currently being produced and will be introduced through internet and live appearance "grass roots" campaigns coordinated by staff.

"This continuation will include the best of the old with a new, much larger appeal." -Mark Carter


In Production
Behind the scenes!
Cast and crew are working to set the muse for upcoming episodes and events. Set pieces, props and costumes are being created and scripts are well underway. Newly developed characters will bring a more dynamic story line behind Sammy and his dungeon dwelling.

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